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Starting with digital marketing seems like a wise decision since it enables your business to offer its products or services worldwide. But haw to start it?
Which platform to use for your new website: WordPress, Drupal, Magento… What is important in choosing a hosting partner? How to set it up?
How to meet your target audience and where do they hang around? 
How to optimize your landing pages and display, paid search, or social campaigns? How to perform A/B testing of the creatives?
How do collect and understand data, convert leads to actions, measure success, and hack growth? Check out data or findings on our News page and schedule a meeting to discuss further.
We love to solve problems and get annoyed when we can’t solve them, which rarely happens. In case it eventually does, we are ready to admit defeat. Let’s get straight to the point – we don’t know how to square a circle nor how to invent a Perpetuum mobile. We believe that there is, if not a general, then certainly an individual solution for every problem, including your one.

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